As a political movement, More United is open and transparent about how we organise ourselves and how we are funded. This is really important to us - we are a non-profit movement that relies on donations from thousands of people who have every right to know how we operate.


More United is run by a board of directors, who set the strategy and hold our team to account on that strategy.

However key decisions - such as which MPs and candidates More United back and what campaigns we run with them - are always made by our members. For details on our rules and how member votes work, please click here. 

Funding Policy

More United has a clear funding policy. Any donation we receive over £1,000 must be reported and that money must only be spent on operational costs, not on donating to MPs and candidates. We do this to make sure that no dark money can be funnelled into politics through our movement. Although we are not legally required to publish information on our donors, we do so to make sure our supporters are very clear about who funds us. For more information on our funding policy, please click here.

Annual Accounts

A full set of accounts, with income and spend in the first year of our operation as well as our Directors’ Report was published in autumn 2017. You can find the full accounts here. We will continue to publish accounts on an annual basis.

Privacy and Cookies

You can find More United’s Privacy Policy here. It explains what information of yours will be collected when you use our online services, how the information will be used, and how you can control the collection, correction and/or deletion of information. You can also find details of the cookies used on this site here.