About Us

More United was founded in 2016 as a reaction to the political events of that year. Brought together by convenors from all walks of life, and co-founded by the late Lord Paddy Ashdown, our movement believes that a More United country is a fair and thriving country.

In order to try and realise that vision, we encourage MPs to work cross-party in Parliament no matter who is in power and lead campaigns supported by More United members all over Britain.

Over the last three years, our movement has grown to more than 150,000 people and we have worked with MPs from 7 different parties to protect our shared values. We have been campaigning on the NHS, disability rights, plastic pollution, immigration and more. We have secured Parliamentary debates, changed government policies, contributed to Parliamentary inquiries and launched two cross-party consultations that will directly shape legislation.

We know that for many people who experience the choice and convenience of digital technology politics can feel analogue and out of date. More United members have the ability to work with MPs across the country, no matter where they live and are able to vote on which MPs our movement supports with money and volunteers at election time. At the last election, we crowdfunded £150,000 and now have a Network of 64 candidates across 6 political parties.

Ultimately we exist to protect a set of values the vast majority of people in Britain share. When we talk about a More United country being a fair and thriving country we mean:

  • A country where people can live side by side without fear
  • A country where everybody can realise their talents
  • A country where everybody has an equal say
  • A country which seeks to build alliances with other countries
  • A country which protects the environment for future generations

Your support helps us to run cross-party grassroots campaigns, bringing people and politicians together to protect our shared values.

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